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AGM 2019woa_agm3

The Friends of South Park 2019 AGM took place at 7.30pm on Wednesday the 9th October at the St Clement’s Family Centre, Cross St, OX4 1DA.

Draft minutes of the 2019 meeting are posted below. Please note that AGM minutes will be validated as a true and correct record of the meeting at the next annual general meeting. Meanwhile a draft copy of the minutes is available here prior to the 2020 AGM.

Minutes of previous AGMs

2019 AGM: DRAFT FoSP AGM minutes 2019

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2017 AGM: FoSP AGM minutes 2017

2016 AGM: FOSP AGM minutes 2016

2015 AGM: FOSP AGM minutes 2015

2014 AGM: FOSP AGM minutes 2014

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